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Central Office Directory

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Name Position Phone
Gaff, Troy Superintendent 260-636-2175 ext 1000
Hazard, Chase Tech Asst. 260-636-2175 ext 1009
Hollis, Carol Technology 260-636-2175 ext 1004
Howard, Jamie Corporation Secretary/Transportation Assistant 260-636-2175 ext 1000
Kiebel, Tim Head Custodian 260-636-2117 ext 6005
Knepper, Matt Information Director 260-636-2175 ext 1007
Koontz, Jason School Resource Officer 260-636-2175 ext 4041
Magnuson, Kirk Bus Mechanic 260-636-3044
Webmaster - Tech. Dept. Webmaster 260-636-2175 ext 1004
Wesson, Brian Technology Integration 260-636-2175 ext 6217
Wilkins, Miranda Business Manager 260-636-2175 ext 1005
Worman, David School Resource Officer/Transportation Director 260-636-2117 ext 7006
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