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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Position Phone
Amber, Taylor 4th Grade 260-636-7538
Antunez, Kari Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
Boots, Bentley 3rd Grade 260-636-7538
Carmien, Chelsea Nurse 260-636-7538 ext 5030
Cole, Yvonne Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
Fennell, Megan Speech 260-636-7538
Fish, Darcy 5th Grade 260-636-7538
Folland, Pam Counselor 260-636-7538 ext 5010
Freeman, Elizabeth Treasurer 260-636-7538 ext 5005
French, Charity Title 1/High Ability 260-636-7538
Gaerte, Deb Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
Getts, Annessa 5th Grade 260-636-7538
Homan, Brynn 3rd Grade 260-636-7538
Hosted, Kandi 4th Grade 260-636-7538
Knipper, Jared Principal 260-636-7538 ext 5001
Knox, Katy Library 260-636-7538
Morgan, Mindy 4th Grade 260-636-7538
O'Brien, Moriah 5th Grade 260-636-7538
Parker, Kari Resource 260-636-7538
Patton, Courtney Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
Price, Julianna Music 260-636-7538
Rees, Scott Physical Education 260-636-7538
Rimmel, Lisa Office Secretary 260-636-7538 ext 5000
Rowe, Leah Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
Shrader, Dawn 3rd Grade 260-636-7538
Sieber, Debra 5th Grade 260-636-7538
Thornsbearry, Nicci Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
Todd, Pamela 4th Grade 260-636-7538
Winebrenner, Jill Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
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