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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Position Phone
Baumgartner, Kimberly Instructional Asst.
Bruce, Jenn Kindergarten
Cole, Yvonne Instructional Asst. 260-636-7538
Eash, Megan Nurse 260-635-2432 ext 4030
Fleetwood, Brenda 1st Grade 260-635-2432
Folland, Pam Counselor 260-635-2432 ext 4010
Galligher, Doreen Instructional Asst. 260-635-2432
Gallmeyer, Susan Office Secretary 260-635-2432 ext 4000
Geiger, Amanda Treasurer 260-635-2432 ext 4005
Gramling, Kathleen 2nd Grade 260-635-2432
Hook Gamble, Angela 2nd Grade 260-635-2432
Hosford, Anita 1st Grade 260-635-2432
Hurst, Wilma Library 260-635-2432
Jordan, Jodie Kindergarten 260-635-2432
Koontz, Jason School Resource Officer 260-635-2432 ext 4041
Ladig, Karen Instructional Asst. 260-635-2432
Lundquist, Paige Title I 260-635-2432
Morgan, Robby Principal 260-635-2432 ext 4001
Noland, Rhoda Custodial Staff 260-635-2432
Pearson, Jordan 1st Grade 260-635-2432
Price, Julianna Music 260-635-2432
Rees, Scott Physical Education 260-635-2432
Sade, Jesse Technology Assistant
Scheiber, Cindy Special Education 260-635-2432
Shaw, Cathy Kindergarten 260-635-2432
Shultz, Paula Instructional Asst. 260-635-2432
Spencer, Elizabeth Instructional Asst. 260-635-2432
Stangland, Cindy Instructional Asst. 260-635-2432
Stump, Matthew 2nd Grade 260-635-2432
Ummel, Amy Kindergarten 260-635-2432
Williamson, Ashley Speech Therapist 260-635-2432
Woods, Michele 2nd Grade 260-635-2432
Woods, Natalie School Nurse 260-635-2432
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