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High School Musical-"Something's Rotten"
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High School Musical-"Something's Rotten"
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Temporary Closure at the Jr/Sr High Building

December 2, 2020

Central Noble Schools continues to work hard to provide quality instruction in a safe learning environment.  District administration continually monitors staffing to ensure that we can meet the ever-changing needs of our students, staff, and community. At this time, the significant number of staff quarantines at the Junior-Senior High building will require us to move to Virtual Learning for Thursday, December 3, and Friday, December 4. The move to virtual will be for Junior and Senior High School students only. Additional information will be sent out by the administration later today. Elementary and primary students will continue to attend classes in the traditional setting.

Building Access for Connectivity and Support
The Junior-Senior High building will remain open for all non-quarantined students who do not have internet connectivity at home, do not have sufficient parental support at home during the school day, or need additional help within the classroom setting. All non-quarantined staff member will be present in the school building throughout the day to provide supervision and support.

Food Service
Lunch will be served to the students who choose to come to the school setting. A link will be sent out this afternoon through social media and the corporation web site if Junior-Senior High parents would like to schedule a pick-up for carry-out school lunch packs.

Impact and Extra-Curricular Activities
Impact students are expected to attend classes as usual. Transportation will be provided to and from Impact.

All extra-curricular events and practices will continue as scheduled.

Bus routes will run on the normal schedule for all primary/elementary students and any junior senior high students that will be utilizing the school facilities. Junior-Senior High Students who choose to utilize the school building for Internet access or support should report to the cafeteria. 

This is a temporary closure of the Junior-Senior High building only. It is the intent of the district to return all students to the traditional setting on Monday, December 7. If you have questions about this closure, please contact the district or building administration.

Thank you for the continued support of Central Noble Schools.

Troy Gaff


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Central Noble encourages acceptance, tolerance, and respect for all students. When you feel hurt or bullied, visit our CN Cares Hotline page.

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Central Noble encourages acceptance, tolerance, and respect for all students. When you feel hurt or bullied, visit our CN Cares Hotline page.