Central Noble
Jr/Sr High School
Name Position Phone
Ames, Andrew Custodian 260-636-2117
Baumgartner, Kimberly Building Treasurer 260-636-2117
Behm, Chloe Instructional Assistant
Behm, Kelly Guidance Secretary 260-636-2117
Berkes, Marla Instructional Assistant
Bodey, Camden Instructional Assistant 260-636-2117
Bollet, Justice Custodial Staff
Bowman, Caleb PE/Health & Reading 260-636-2117
Bremer, David Athletic Director 260-636-2117
Broom, Jennifer Instructional Assistant 260-636-2117
Brose, Geoffry Mathematics 260-636-2117
Buchs, Jason Math Teacher 260-636-2117
Burrough, Brett Social Studies 260-636-2117
Clark, Erion Math 260-636-2117
Copp, Heidi Choir 260-636-2117
Derrow, Jacquline Instructional Assistant 260-636-2117
Duncan, Haley Special Education 260-636-2117
Earnhart, Charla Nurse 260-636-2117
Earnhart, Jamie Agriculture/FFA 260-636-2117
Erazo, Elizabeth Spanish 260-636-2117
Fey, Debbera Sign Language Interpreter 260-636-2117
Foster, Chris Alternative School/PE/Health 260-636-2117
Gaff, Laura Instrumental Music 260-636-2117
Gallmeyer, Cindy Library 260-636-2117
Gard, Lydia Dean of Students 260-636-2117
Gavin, Stacy Custodian
Geurs, Gerrit Language Arts 260-636-2117
Gillespie, Brian Mathematics 260-636-2117
Graden, Brad Social Studies
Graybeal, Tyler Mathematics 260-636-2117
Handshoe, Randy Social Studies 260-636-2117
Hasselman, Selena Custodian 260-636-2117
Hermanson, Kylie PE/Health & Reading 260-636-2117
Hoover, Shawn Principal 260-636-2117
Howell, Anthony Language Arts 260-636-2117
Iddings, Clorissa Instructional Assistant
Jimenez, Elliot Instructional Asst. 260-636-2117
Johnson, Amber Science Teacher 260-636-2117
Kirchner, Amy Physical Education 260-636-2117
Knabe, Ryan Special Education 260-636-2117
Knepper, Vickie Guidance Counselor 260-636-2117
Koontz, Karrin Ag Science 260-636-2117
Leffers, Patrick Guidance Counselor 260-636-2117
Lortie, Megan Office Secretary 260-636-2117
Malcolm, Sam Science Teacher
Maneke, Kimberly Mathematics 260-636-2117
Mault, Abbey Arts 260-636-2117
Mawhorter, Joseph Special Education 260-636-2117
Mettert, Sarah Special Education
Mooney, Kaleb Social Studies 260-636-2117
Owen, Jessica Language Arts 260-636-2117
Parker, Brad 260-636-2117
Parks, Dan Social Studies 260-636-2117
Pearson, David Instructional Assistant 260-636-2117
Phillips, Brooke Spanish 260-636-2117
Phillips, Matt Science 260-636-2117
Records Requests-JrSr High 260-636-2117 Ext. 7004
Rice, Lori Instructional Asst. 260-636-2117
Riehm, Benjamin Science 260-636-2117
Rupert, Kendal Science 260-636-2117
Schaadt, Gretchen Instructional Assistant
Schrock, Lorrie Instructional Assistant
Scott, Laura Guidance Counselor 260-636-2117
Senftleben, Jennifer Science 260-636-2117
Shultz, Holly Family & Consumer Science 260-636-2117
Sirois, Michelle Language Arts 260-636-2117
Spencer, Courtney Special Education 260-636-2117
Sprague, Lorene Language Arts 260-636-2117
Streby, Darci Instructional Asst. 260-636-2117
Thompson, Tabitha Instructional Assistant
Tracy, Travis Instructional Asst. 260-636-2117
VanGessel, Ed Mathematics 260-636-2117
Vice, Ashley Dean of Students 260-636-2117
Vice, Jamie Instructional Asst. 260-636-2117
Vose, Peri Instructional Assistant 260-636-2117
Worman, David School Safety Coordinator/Chief of Police 260-636-2117
Worman, Jamie Language Arts 260-636-2117
Yoder, Dara Language Arts 260-636-2117
Yoder, Lynford Remediation Specialist 260-636-2117
Central Noble encourages acceptance, tolerance, and respect for all students. When you feel hurt or bullied, visit our CN Cares Hotline page.

Corporation Office

  • 260-636-2175
  • 260-636-7918

Jr/Sr High

  • 260-636-2117
  • 260-636-2461


  • 260-636-7538
  • 260-636-7740


  • 260-635-2432
  • 260-635-2372

Central Noble encourages acceptance, tolerance, and respect for all students. When you feel hurt or bullied, visit our CN Cares Hotline page.