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    • UPDATE:
      April 6, 2020
      On Thursday, April 2, 2020, Governor Holcomb and the Indiana Department of Education mandated the closure of school facilities through the end of the school year. Along with the mandate, the Department of Education required schools to continue distance learning for 20 instructional days after April 2 or until the district reaches 160 instructional days for the school year. With the eLearning days that we have already completed, Central Noble has completed 141 days. This means that we must complete 19 additional days after spring break.

      Following the administrative mandate, Central Noble teachers and administrators met and discussed the strengths and concerns with the current plan. Throughout the discussion, it has become evident that parents, students, and teachers have worked hard to make the plan a success. There have been some concerns that have been discussed including the difficulty for teachers to gauge the appropriate amount of work for three days of instruction. The four day break between instructional sessions has caused a disconnect between the teachers and the students. Often students and parents are working to complete tasks during non-instructional days with little opportunity for students to get help and support from the instructional staff. A second concern is the limited opportunities for students to participate in video instruction and immediately practice the skills that were introduced. The current schedule is forcing students to view the lesson from one class and then move directly on to the video lesson for another subject area. This has caused many students to put in several hours a day working independently on skills, and teachers attempting to address questions or concerns at all times of the day and night. These two concerns have forced us to look at alternative plans to complete the last 19 days.
      After discussing these two major concerns, we have decided to make some changes to the current distance-learning plan. The current plan had students receiving eLearning sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. Using this model, the last instructional day for the school year would be May 26. Beginning Monday, April 13, students will participate in eLearning lessons on Monday through Friday. Each of the buildings will be sending out individual learning plans that will help provide additional help and support to students and families. The new model will also allow students longer instructional sessions in each subject area. The increased time and support should allow students to have sufficient opportunity to complete tasks. The support and resources should help eliminate some of the stress and anxiety that this situation has created. The new plan will make the students last instructional day on Thursday, May 7.

      This has been a difficult time for everyone involved. I appreciate your continued support of Central Noble Schools. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher or the building administrators.

      Troy Gaff Superintendent

      March 13, 2020
      Central Noble Community Schools are closing March 16 through April 26th.  The current plan is to return to a normal schedule on Monday, April 27.  Please continue to check back for updates.

      As many of you are aware, there has been a confirmed case of Coronavirus-19 in a patient at Parkview Noble in Kendallville.  According to Dr. Gaff from the Noble County Health Department, the patient (54 years old) has no school-age children.  The Department of Health has advised us that there is not immediate need to close school or alter programming.  He asked that we remind the community to follow normal hygiene practices to help prevent the spread of disease.

      Please remember to do the following:

      • Wash hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and hot water.When hand washing is not an option, use hand sanitizer.
      • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve.
      • Use tissue when sneezing and immediately throw the tissue in the trash
      • Keep your hands away from your face, eyes, nose, and mouth
      • If you or your child begin to have flu like symptoms, stay home and contact your doctor immediately.Please notify the school ASAP.

      We will continue to monitor the spread of the virus.  If the Noble County Department of Health advises the district to close, then we will issue an elearning day.  

      We will keep you informed as the situation evolves.  Thank you for your continued support.

      Troy Gaff, Superintendent

      Central Noble Community Schools

      For additional information or guidance regarding the Coronavirus, please Click Here to visit the CDC site or Click Here to visit the Indiana Department of Public Health Site.
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      There are Great Things happening at CN!

      Central Noble focuses on providing meaningful, enriching opportunities to prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. Some of the unique opportunities include outdoor education programs, problem-based learning at all levels, state of the art technology integration (iPad’s and MacBook’s), maker space and robotics labs at all buildings as well as various extra-curricular programs. 

      The District is comprised of three buildings: Central Noble Primary (K-2), Central Noble Elementary (3-5), and Central Noble Junior-Senior High (6-12). The small school environment, centered on student mastery, allows students to receive individualized learning opportunities. To meet the diverse needs of our students, Central Noble is a member of the Northeast Indiana Special Education Cooperative and the IMPACT Institute. Partnerships with the Impact Institute and multiple universities allow our students to begin to receive post-secondary credentials as a jump-start toward a future meaningful career. These, along with other community partnerships, have allowed us to maintain a small-school feel while providing big-school opportunities.

      CN has a continuous focus on preparing our graduates to meet the needs of the ever-changing world around them. Through the creation of Portrait of a Graduate, the district has created a pathway for student success. A concentrated effort on application of academic standards, character education, and 21stcentury skills, along with community partnerships, allows Central Noble students to compete for highly sought-after employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

      Central Noble Schools is an open enrollment school corporation. If you would like more information about the available opportunities at Central Noble, please contact my office at 260.636.2175. 

      It is a Great day to be a Cougar!
      Central Noble Community School Corporation will provide a safe learning environment that facilitates student learning while promoting skills for future success.

      • Learning Centered Education
      • Value Stakeholders
      • Social Responsibility
      • Continuous Improvement
      • High Expectations
      • Visionary Leadership
      • High Achievement
      • Safe, Caring Environment
      • Accountability & Assessment
      • Effective Use of Resources

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      A superior education is the fundamental right of every student.  All students will receive the respect, support, and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a global society.


      The School Board does not discriminate on the basis of religion, color, national origin, sex, disability, age or genetic information in its programs, activities or employment.

      Futher, it is the policy of the Corporation to provide an equal opportunity for all students, regardless of race, color, creed, age, disability, religion, gender, ancestry, national origin, place of residence within the boundaries of the Corporation, or social background, to learn through curriculum offered in this Corporation.

      The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies of the Corporation or to address any complaint of discrimination:

      Business Manager
      200 E. Main St.
      Albion, IN  46701

      The Director of Special Education is the Corporation's Section 504/ADA Compliance Office.  The Compliance Officer can be reached at:

      Northeast Indiana Special Education Cooperative (NEISEC)
      1607 E. Dowling St.
      Kendallville, IN  46755

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